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Ongoing class

English Class 英会話教室

The Online English Class for 5th-9th grade students in Mino City, Japan will teach expressions and daily conversation practices taught by an English native instructor. These sessions are taught entirely in English, with translated instructions written in Japanese. It aims to teach Japanese children to listen, speak, and master daily native expressions via familiar materials, including stories and characters from video games and anime.
アメリカ人講師による小学高学年生から中学生向けのオンライン英語教室では、 アメリカで日常に使われている英語表現や会話を学びます。 クラスでは日本語に翻訳された簡単な説明書きを提供しますが、原則全て英語で行います。 日本のお子さんがネイティブ表現を聞いて、話し、習得しやすいように、馴染みのある話や登場人物、 アニメやビデオゲーム等も含めて教材として使用します。

This class will
(1) talk about basic needs in English
(2) make a self introduction
(3) greeting

レベル: 中級
時間: 土曜日 午前10時 及び11時(日本時間)

Past English classes

2020 Summer

時間: 土曜日 午前10時及び11時(日本時間)

レベル: 中級

2020 Spring

時間: 水曜日及び土曜日 午前10時(日本時間)

レベル: 中級

Past Japanese classes

2 Classes

4-week Elementary Class

This class will get you get ready for the very basic Japanese in just four weeks.

At the end of this class, you will be able to:
(1) talk about basic needs in Japanese
(2) make a self introduction
(3) greeting

Basic Conversation

To be able to carry out social basic conversations and discuss everyday life in Japanese.

Introduce your new house
Invite friends to your party
Tell your friends about your new life in Japan

Advanced Conversation

Improve connections between sentences to carry out smoother conversations and/or compose business letters/emails.

You will be able to:
(1) express situations regarding misunderstandings
(2) ask for new business contacts
(3) carry out follow-up conversations using appropriate expressions

2 Classes

Elementary Class

Course: 12 classes on Saturday, from April 11 through June 27.
Textbooks: Japanese for Busy People Vol1 (Lesson 10 through 18)
Time: 3pm - 3:55pm US Eastern Time

Intermediate Class

Course: 12 classes on Saturday, from April 11 through June 27.
Textbooks: Japanese for Busy People Vol2 (Lesson 6 through 10)
Time: 4pm - 4:55pm US Eastern Time

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