Mino-Boston Exchange Program

The Mino-Boston Exchange Program aims promoting understanding between Japan and US especially focuses on local community Mino-city, Gifu-prefecture and the greater area of Boston by enriching English language education and cultural exchange at the local level.

This program is jointly organized by the Cultural Exchange Initiative, the Mino Boston Club and Mino City in Japan.

What We Do


Intensive Japanese Course

Intensive Japanese language course taught at our local partner school with the opportunity to practice conversational skills with natives.

Cultural Immersion

Various cultural activities in the Mino City and different parts of Japan. Activities include Mino Wash Paper Marking, schools and historical landmarks visit.



Join the local community in the Mino City and engage in their day-to-day lives.

Industry Sustainability

Visit local industries and help them develop sustainable businesses.

Featured Activity

Book Translation Project

We have partnered up two high schoolers from opposite sides of the world to collaborate on a new children’s book. Entitled “The World is Full of Flavors”, the book is being written and illustrated by Arianna Ruhoy, and is being translated in Japanese by Mino resident Hiyori Kurimoto. The book will be written in English, Japanese hiragana, and romaji, the latter of which will help English kids learn how to read and speak Japanese.

Information session

We had our 2019 Information Session on April 27th at Showa Boston. Please watch our recorded video to know about this program


  • September 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The Mino/Boston Exchange Program started.

  • August 2018

    2018 Program

    17 days, 7 schools and numerous exchange experience in Mino City, Japan, reported by 3 news paper articles and 1 cable TV Program.

    2018 Review Media Report
  • Auguest 2019

    2019 Program

    2019 Program featured two different learning experiences: intense Japanese offered by our partner, the YAMASA institution and cultural immersion in the city of Mino.

    2019 Review Meet Participants

Source: http://www.mino-city.jp

Mino City, Japan

Mino is a city located in Gifu, Japan. You can learn more about Mino-city by watching the program below or follow the Mino City Offcial Website and Facebook.

Watch Chiune Sugihara Video

Watching the NHK Program

Mino City Official Website

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