Cultural Exchange Experience

Advance intercultural understanding between people in Japan and in the U.S.

Free Online Japanese Class

At Cultural Exchange Initiative, our mission is to promote cultural understanding between the US and Japan by providing Japanese language learning opportunities. We want to do our part and offer online Japanese classes to our community during this special period. Free of charge.

Level: 1B and 2B

Course: 12 classes on Saturday, from April 11 through June 27.

1B - Japanese for Busy People Vol1 (Lesson 10 through 18)
2B - Japanese for Busy People Vol2 (Lesson 6 through 10)

1B - 3pm through 3:55pm
2B - 4pm through 4:55pm

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What we do Our Mission

At the Cultural Exchange Initiative, we connect with various talented individuals ranging from middle school students to industry professionals and provide them with unique cultural exchange opportunities. For example, sharing one's life experiences with Japanese students, improving one's Japanese language skills, and joining a local Japanese community.

Our Initiatives

Mino-Boston Exchange Program

The Mino-Boston Exchange Program aims promoting understanding between Japan and US especially focuses on local community Mino-city, Gifu-prefecture and the greater area of Boston.

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CEI Summer English School

CEI Summer English School provides English learning opportunities to children in Mino City. We will hire experienced native English teachers and tutors as ESL instructors at the Summer English School.

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