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Advance intercultural understanding between people in Japan and in the U.S.

2019 Mino-Boston Exchange Program

The 2019 Mino-Boston Exchange Program will feature two different learning experiences: intense Japanese offered by our partner, the YAMASA institution, from August 22nd to August 31st; and cultural immersion in the city of Mino from August 31st to September 4th.

One of the goals of this program is to help you discover your potential by providing you with unique cultural exchange opportunities. For example, sharing your life experiences with Japanese students, improving your Japanese language skills, and joining a local Japanese community.

This year, we received a large number of applications from various channels. Due to limited resources, we faced many difficult choices. We are confident each candidate's unique talents and perspective will deeply enrich both the Mino and the American community you will join on this exchange.

Mikiyo Hattori
Founder and President

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What we do Our Mission

At the Cultural Exchange Initiative, we connect with various talented individuals ranging from middle school students to industry professionals and provide them with unique cultural exchange opportunities. For example, sharing one's life experiences with Japanese students, improving one's Japanese language skills, and joining a local Japanese community.

We are at the 2019 Boston Japan Festival

We appreciate your support and are thankful for the opportunity to present CEI at the 2019 Japan Festival Boston. It has been a honor to be a part of the Japanese community and we have truly enjoyed every moment we had with you all.

2019 Mino-Boston Exchange program Information Session

We had our 2019 Information Session on April 27th. Please watch our recorded video to know about this program.

mino-boston Exchange Program

The Mino-Boston Exchange Program aims promoting understanding between Japan and US especially focuses on local community Mino-city, Gifu-prefecture and the greater area of Boston. This program is jointly organized by the Cultural Exchange Initiative, the Mino Boston Club and Mino City in Japan.

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discover new aspects of yourself Scholarship Program

At CEI, we also provide scholarships to individuals. Give yourself a chance to discover your potential and build your own culture exchange experience. Experience building new friendships, taking responsibility for yourself, respecting differences and tolerating the beliefs of others.

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Mino-Boston Exchange Program

Applicants should have basic Japanese language proficiency to communicate with local people in basic daily life.


Scholarship Program

Applicants are recommended to join our information sessions. The date will be posted later on the website. You can contact us for more information.

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